Tibet Airlines

Brief Introduction

Tibet Airlines ( 西藏航空) is an airline with its corporate headquarters and registered office in LhasaTibet Autonomous Region, and operates scheduled domestic flights out of Lhasa Gonggar Airport.  Tibet Airlines is a regional airline based at Gonggar Airport (LXA) in Lhasa. Tibet Airlines serves over 40 destinations in 3 countries, and operates scheduled domestic flights out of Lhasa Gonggar Airport. The establishment of the airline was approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China in March 2010. It started its first flight Lhasa-Ali in 2011. It is the first airline based in Tibet and also the world’s first airline which bases its operations on the Roof of the World. The airline provides easy access to other parts of China and South Asia and has drawn up plans to fly directly to Europe.

Fleet of West Air

As of August 2017, the Tibet Airlines fleet consists of the following aircraft:


In Service








Airbus A319-100






Airbus A320-200






Airbus A330-200










Flights to and fro Tibet

Flights in Tibet

Flight No. Departure – Arrival Duration
TV9849 Lhasa(08:05) – Qamdo(09:25) 1h20m
TV6008 Lhasa(07:40) – Ngari(10:05) 2h25m
TV6007 Ngari(11:00)-Lhasa(12:55) 1h55m
TV9850 Qamdo(10:10) – Lhasa(11:40) 1h30m

Flights to Tibet

Flight No. Departure – Arrival Duration
TV9873 Chengdu(06:15) – Nyingchi(08:40) 2h25m
TV6061 Xian(06:50)-Nyingchi(11:15) 4h25m
TV6053 Xian(06:50) – Qamdo(09:10) 2h20m
TV9908 Chongqing(07:55)-Qamdo(10:00) 2h5m
TV9893 Chengdu(08:35)-Qamdo(10:05) 1h30m
TV984W Chengdu(09:10)-Shigatse(11:30) 2h20m
TV9843 Chengdu(07:10)-Shigatse(09:50) 2h40m
TV6052 Xian(06:00)-Lhasa(09:00) 3h
TV6008 Xian(16:35)-Lhasa(19:45) 3h10m
TV9932 Yushu(13:30)-Lhasa(14:55) 1h25m
TV9922 Xining(11:15)-Lhasa(13:40) 2h25m
TV9914 Xining(14:25)-Lhasa(16:50) 2h25m
TV9842 Xining(13:25)-Lhasa(15:40) 2h15m
TV9876 Mianyang(19:05)-Lhasa(21:30) 2h25m
TV9839 Shangri-La(13:25)-Lhasa(15:50) 2h25m
TV6013 Chongqing(06:10)-Lhasa(09:05) 2h55m
TV9813 Chongqing(06:15)-Lhasa(09:15) 3h
TV9816 Beijing(14:50)-Lhasa(19:30) 4h40m
TV6034 Chongqing(06:20)-Nyingchi(09:00) 2h40m

Flights from Tibet

Flight No. Departure – Arrival Duration
TV9874 Nyingchi(09:50) – Chengdu(11:40) 1h50m
TV6062 Nyingchi(11:55)-Xian(16:10) 4h15m
TV6054 Qamdo(10:00) – Xian(12:10) 2h10m
TV9907 Qamdo(10:50)-Chongqing(10:50) 1h55m
TV9894 Qamdo(11:20)-Chengdu(12:40) 1h20m
TV9844 Shigatse(10:30)-Chengdu(12:40) 2h10m
TV6051 Lhasa(12:20)-Xian(14:55) 2h25m
TV6007 Lhasa(21:35)-Xian(00:15+1) 2h40m
TV9931 Lhasa(07:30)-Yushu(08:55) 1h25m
TV9913 Lhasa(07:30)-Xining(09:30) 2h
TV9921 Lhasa(14:30)-Xining(16:30) 2h
TV9841 Lhasa(15:40)-Xining(17:40) 2h
TV9887 Lhasa(15:40)-Mianyang(17:45) 2h5m
TV9840 Lhasa(12:30)-Shangri-La(14:15) 1h45m
TV6014 Lhasa(20:00)-Chongqing(22:30) 2h30m
TV9814 Lhasa(22:15)-Chongqing(00:35+1day) 2h20m
TV9815 Lhasa(09:45)-Beijing(13:35) 3h50m
TV6033 Nyingchi(09:50)-Chongqing(12:05) 2h15m

Flights outside Tibet(including international flights)

There are only direct flights from Chengdu to Nepal operated by Tibet Airlines. As one of the main operating bases of Tibet Airlines, Chengdu covers 17 cities including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Changchun and Sanya. There are flights operated by Tibet Airlines in almost the southwestern cities.

Flight No. Departure – Arrival Duration
TV9899 Chengdu(15:05)-Nepal(15:55 Tribhuvan Airport) 3h5m
TV9865 Chengdu(13:15)-Shanghai (15:40,Hongqiao Airport) 2h25m
TV9881 Chengdu(10:50)-Shanghai (13:30,Hongqiao Airport) 2h40m
TV9866 Shanghai(14:45, Hongqiao Airport)-Chengdu(18:10) 3h25m
TV9882 Shanghai(16:55, Hongqiao Airport)-Chengdu(20:30) 3h35m
TV9847 Chengdu(12:50)-Shenzhen(15:20) 2h30m
TV6630 Chengdu(06:50)-Shenzhen(09:35) 2h45m
TV6628 Chengdu(09:00)-Shenzhen(11:35) 2h35m
TV6620 Chengdu(12:10)-Shenzhen(14:30) 2h20m
TV6622 Chengdu(13:50)-Shenzhen(16:20) 2h30m
TV6624 Chengdu(17:30)-Shenzhen(19:50) 2h20m
TV6626 Chengdu(21:30)-Shenzhen(23:55) 2h25m
TV6619 Shenzhen(08:00)-Chengdu(10:35) 2h35m
TV6621 Shenzhen(09:30)-Chengdu(12:15) 2h45m
TV6623 Shenzhen(13:10)-Chengdu(15:50) 2h40m
TV6625 Shenzhen(17:10)-Chengdu(20:00) 2h50m
TV6627 Shenzhen(19:25)-Chengdu(21:55) 2h30m
TV6629 Shenzhen(21:15)-Chengdu(00:05+1day) 2h50m
TV9848 Shenzhen(16:35)-Chengdu(19:15) 2h40m
TV9877 Chengdu(06:05)-Changchun(11:30) 5h25m
TV9878 Changchun(19:00)-Chengdu(01:00+1day) 6h
TV9805 Chengdu(06:00)-Sanya(08:30) 2h30m
TV9821 Chengdu(14:00)-Sanya(16:20) 2h20m
TV9806 Sanya(09:40)-Chengdu(12:20) 2h40m

The above lists are for reference. The above flights might be slightly changed due to practical situation, feel free to contact us for the detailed and newest information.