Tibet Travel Weather and Climate in August

Tibet Travel Weather and Climate in August

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): 9
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 22
Tibet Average Temperature (℃): 16
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 89
Wet Days (>0.1mm): 10
Relative Humidity (%): 72
(Overall Tibet weather in August)
When you travel to Tibet in August, August is one of the best time to visit Tibet, as the warm weather and mild climate is comfortable for travel in this area. The minimum temperature is 9 , and the maximum temperature is 22℃. The rainiest month in the year, August often sees rainfall of up to 125mm throughout the month, as an average. This heavier and more frequent rainfall can mean travel in the region is much harder in some of the more remote and outlying areas. Overall, though, August is still the best month of the year to visit Tibet for most people, as the warmer weather and milder climate is more comfortable for travel.

What to Wear for an August Tibet Travel

Dress for the big night temperature drop with a T-shirts, trousers, a jacket, good water resistant shoes and rain gear. Cover up to prevent sunburn, and sun hats and sunglasses help. Bring a heavy coat and gloves when you go to higher elevations.

Useful Travel Tips for your Tibet Travel in August

  • There are some medications for altitude sickness available, but you should consult your own doctor before you take them, and it is not recommended.
  • Tibet Travel Permit: This permit is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau and is required for all international travelers heading for Tibet. You need to apply for this permit one month prior to your arrival in Tibet as this permit takes some time to get ready and you need to produce the original copy of this permit at the Airport before you board the flight. 
  • Oxygen levels are much lower in Tibet, so most people get altitude sickness. Cardiovascular conditions are exacerbated, so for the best experience, seek health advice before going and acclimate before exertion or going higher than Lhasa. 
  • The Nagqu Horse Racing Festivalis held in August in the Nagqu area in a valley seven or eight hours north of Lhasa. The fun and games include dancing, yak races, archery and equestrian events. The road there passes Namtso Lake, and we could facilitate a visit to both of these highlights. 

Things to see and do at Tibet in August

  • Lake Namtso is at its warmest in August, and the stunning scenery of the grasslands has reached its peak, with colorful flowers blooming in the rolling plains of the north. The lake shows no signs of the ice that covered it for half of the year, and is a tranquil and peaceful place to contemplate and explore.
  • August is the hottest month at Yamdrok, and the lake starts to see cooler weather and less rain as August rolls around. As the rains dissipate they leave the lakeside and the surrounding hills with lush green grass that is ideal for the grazing yaks and sheep, and the nomadic herders can be found around the lake in the vast open meadows of Lhokha.
  • The wettest month of the year at EBC, August is often too wet and cloudy to visit EBC and the mountain to get good views of the summit. The wetter monsoon weather from the Indian Monsoon covers the mountain’s high peak with clouds for most of the month, making it impossible to see, or to guarantee a good view.
  • While Mount Everest can sometimes be a little wet, and the peak can often be covered in clouds, Mount Kailash is a great place to visit in summer, though you should take care when trekking around the kora because of the rains.
  • August is the time of the flowering of the main ground plants in the stunning Lulang Forest area of Nyingchi. Primroses, irises, gentian, and many other flowers start to bloom in August. 

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