Chuku Monastery in Burang County, Ngari

Chuku Monastery(普兰县曲古寺) is located in Purang County, Ngari of Tibet, the west of Kangrinboqe Peak (Mount Kailash). It is the first monastery of the Mount Kailash pilgrimage hiking tour.
Qu Temple, built on the mountain, originally called “Nie Bu Zong”, built by the yoga practitioner Nianqin, and the name. And because the temple for the self-shaped Buddha (gu) stone statue, it is called “Gu Temple”.

Qu Gu Temple was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, and most of its cultural relics were lost. It was rebuilt in 1985. There are many sacred signs around the temple: on the rock wall where the temple is located is the conch of the temple and the copper pot flying into the sky, and near the temple is the convex rock of the temple, the mother footprints, and Langqin Baipu (elephant seclusion cave) and the “top of the Pagoda”.

It is said that master Padmasamus practiced here and buried himself in hiding. From here to the northwest along the narrow valley to the longevity three Peak, the seven peaks near the 75 dark palace, some say 80 Indian yoga palace, and say a symbol of the seven brothers of Gesar. From here across the Lqu River to continue to move forward, in front of the shady side there is a called “Gangdis nectar” of the colorful stream, its nearby several peaks symbolizing the palace and its companion god yak, hounds and so on.