Lhasa Railway Station Opens “Green Channel” for Migrant Workers and Students

2019-01-09 10:33:00China Tibet Online

In order to facilitate ticket purchases for students and migrant workers during the 2019 Spring Festival travel rush, the Lhasa Railway Station in southwest China’s Tibet has opened a green channel for these groups to buy train tickets.

Staff at the Lhasa Railway Station informed that migrant workers and students are the main groups of passengers during the Spring Festival travel rush. Long-distance passenger flow is concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Xi’an, and Chengyu. Short-distance passenger flow is concentrated in Golmud, Nagchu, and Shigatse.

“We have already prepared in advance for the Spring Festival travel rush. We have recently arranged for staff to handle group tickets for migrant workers and students,” a staff member said.

The 2019 Spring Festival travel rush will run for a total of 40 days from January 21 to March 1, which is 15 days before the festival and 25 days after.

Editor: Tommy Tan.