Nyingchi Travel Weather and Climate in July

Nyingchi Travel Weather and Climate in July

Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 23
Average Minimum Temperature (℃): 12
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 134

July is one of the warmer months of the year, and is the beginning of the main part of the monsoon season in Nyingchi. While this is one of the hottest months, the average temperature is normally around 12-23 degrees.

What to Wear for a July Nyingchi Travel

July is a warm time of year, though it can rain at times as this is the main monsoon season in Nyingchi. You will probably need to bring a raincoat with you, and a good hat or hood. The warmer weather means that you can get away with light tops and t-shirts during the daytime, though you might want a warmer sweater at night when the temperature drops. Good strong boots are a must, as the rain can make the ground muddy and soft, which will ruin normal shoes when you are walking.

Things to see and do at Nyingchi in July

As the rains get heavier, July is one of the best times to enjoy the toothsome foods of Nyingchi, including the unique matsutake banquet. Used for the famed Stone Pot Chicken dish of Nyingchi, the fresh mushrooms are gathered from the mountains to add to this unique local dish.

Useful Travel Tips for your Nyingchi Travel in July

For the ladies, it is advised that you refrain from wearing short skirts and shorts and skimpy or halter tops, as this is considered to be inappropriate, even when it is very hot in Tibet. Lighter pants can also be worn, through you are advised to not wear shorts, especially in the monasteries and temples. 

Nyingchi Weather and Climate by Month

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