Nyingchi Travel Weather and Climate in February

Nyingchi Travel Weather and Climate in February

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -3
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 10
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 5

When it comes to February, the region of Nyingchi is getting a little bit warmer than the previous month. The average temperature of Nyingchi in February is between -3 to 10 degrees.

What to Wear for a February Nyingchi Travel

Thick sweaters and down jackets are the must to withstand the cold in February, even for tourists who are able-bodied to bear coldness. Warm shoes and anything could keep you warm are also required. No matter which season you go to Nyingchi, you should bring sunglasses and sun protection equipment, including sun hats, sunscreens etc., so that you can rest assured to enjoy the warm sunshine in the open air.

Things to see and do at Nyingchi in February

As a place that is connected to continuous mountains, the land of Nyingchi is also provided with a beautiful horizon line. The Ranwu Lake of the prefecture is clearly blue and limpid, and will reflect the snow-capped mountain peak on a snowy day, presenting a wondrously impressive view in the winter season.

Useful Travel Tips for your Nyingchi Travel in February

In winter month including February, the oxygen content of the plateau is less than that in summer, resulting in a higher probability to suffer from altitude sickness. It is advised to drink Rhodiola in advance for ten days and a half before entering Tibet. And medication to relieve the symptoms like Rhodiola Compound Capsule and Gaoyuan’an can also be prepared.

Nyingchi Weather and Climate by Month

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