The Best Time to Visit Nyingchi

The Best Time to Visit Nyingchi 

So when’s the best time to visit Nyingchi? Let us explore more about the weather and climate of Nyingchi. The best time to visit Nyingchi is from March to October each year. From March to April, plum blossom all over the mountains and plains makes Nyingchi a fairyland. From May to June, tourist can appreciate the beautiful rhododendra. Nyingchi turns to be green world from July to August and golden yellow during September to October, which you can participate in the major festival-Shoton Festival. The period between May to September is the rainy season of Nyingchi. At this time, debris flow and collapse are common to see so tourists should pay attention to weather forecast.

What to Wear for Nyingchi Travel

It is good to bring some T-shirts, short sleeves, sweaters, hoodie, fleece and long sleeve jacket, since Nyingchi temperature is quite changeable in day and night. A pair of comfortable shoes is quite important for all trips in Tibet. And pairs of breathable socks will make your walking more comfortable. It is suggested to take waterproof gears with you, especially when you visit Nyinghi during the monsoon months from July to August. Since the living condition in Nyingchi is not as well as that in Lhasa, you may need to prepare more personal toiletries with you, such as toilet papers and wet wipes.

Things to see and do at Nyingchi 

One of the most popular festivals here is the Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival. The annual Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival is held at the side of Niyang River on March 15th.Against the blue sky and the silver snow mountains, the pink peach blossoms form a fascinating and beautiful picture . During the festival, the local government will organize a variety of activities, such as folk song and dance performances, and archery competitions. It is the perfect place for you to travel Tibet in spring, where you can enjoy the sea of flowers, take great photos and experience the Tibetan cultures.

Also, May is the best hiking season in Yalung Zangbo Grand Canyon. Among all the trekking trails in Nyingchi, the route from Baifengtai to the canyon is the best trekking trail to enjoy the stunning view of mountains of azalea blossoms. You will enjoy the azalea blossoms in the mountains from Dongbacai Village in the Lulang Flower Sea Ranch to the foothill named Baifengtai. The azalea flowers experienced the baptism of wind and snow in winter, are particularly glamorous with amazing red color.

Useful Travel Tips for your Nyingchi Travel

Different from Lhasa and Shigatse, there is no ATM machine in Nyingchi and surrounding areas. So it is suggested to carry a certain amount of cash with you. Of cause, you need to bring your passport, your Tibet travel permit and the Alien’s Travel Permit with you.

Nyingchi Weather and Climate by Month

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